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The video Editor for Windows

Web-based video editor with over 60 animation effects to create MP4, AVI, MOV etc.

Animation software,program movies as video editor with over 52 special effects and series

The animation software offers video editing, program to edit online youtube content and stream streaming radio stations as image visualization. New is the RSS feed option to listen en visualize news content. It's amzing how divers the special effects are and full control. Youtube grabbing, pictures search, slow down or speed up video's and also for audio mixing. MP4 AVi FLV, MOV and other container/formats supported

This next url (makes animation with pictures (p)of Sunset and Tigers with music from a video website with keywords 'Lena Del Rey Video Games' (as &sound=) and resolution 640 x 480:;Tiger&sound=Lena+Del+Rey+Video+Games&width=640&height=480

You can use local media (Audio/Pictures) and start your own animation. when you type ...?stream=....pls you get a realtime visualization of the metadata found by the broadcaster (title/artist)

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The video Editor


The video Editor 8.12.15

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